Maybe an idea should be to make a test drive on a used car and if you crash it to be forced to buy it or pay the damages :D Not a great idea if it's hard to implement but it will also be realistical :) And after you buy the car you can see the damages.
The old pic looks like an old 2000 Game. The new pic looks like a fresh new 2012 game. Just GREAT! :)
This is just great. I wonder how it's gonna work :) Maybe it would be a great change to make the player to paint his car only with the paint brush :D No one uses that tool because of the one click paint button which should be disabled. Or maybe enabled for some people with a cheat or a menu option…
Sounds like just a couple of things :) I suggest to release beta the first release even if looks finished. If you don't have a team to make a bunch of tests for every aspect there are big changes to appear unexpected bugs life in SLRR Flatout Live Edition :P Thank you for your answer, I'm very happy for the progress.
I remember that… You've spent a lot of your time to do a lot of great things for this game. Maybe some things are just a bunch of stuff which creates more fun. By the way...you still keep the idea to add only custom parts and cars in the game? With only a couple of licensed parts? I mean for example...you won't add some original OZ, Tenzo Rims for tuning right? I think you don't have to postpone the release for little things like these and maybe for Delta project we will talk about these stuff. I'm looking forward to the final release. I don't know why but I always have tend to ask you what is still need to be done :)) Now that the interface it's finished and look great...you still need to finish the career races right? And that's all? :)
Paintable Rims :>
I'm glad you're back Raxat. The interface it's just GREAT. A great mix between elegant and sporty. Just Great!
How is it going Raxat? :)
GREAT MENUS!!! But what it's the maximum RPM in that pic 24000RPM? :)) I hope it's gonna be realistical not 15000RPM from W12 engine lol.
After you finish the menus...what else needs to be done? Carrer events and this is it?
Maybe you should release a beta version first...and after testing from the whole community you will have the possibility to release a Final Version. Because SLRR Flatout LE had a lot of bugs and you can't test alone every part in the detail without spending hundreds of hours… You will save a lot of time like this.
And I don't think that a healthy mentally person can say shit about 2.3.1 when he will a big text which says it's a BETA VERSION!!! That's my oppinion.
GREAT WORK!!! KEEP PUSHING RAXAT!!! 15000RPM!!!!!!!!!:D Like a pregnant mother at birth… =)))
GREAT!!! After the release of SLRR Flatout Live Edition, my apetite for SLRR it's bigger than ever! I can't wait to play your 2.3.1 :D By the way Raxat...in SLRR or 2.3.1 Drafting opponents it's working? I was wondering if it's possible to gain speed by flooring it in the back of other car in straight line :)
Hey Raxat! How r u? :) Still running?